Ahmed Deedat
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Ahmed Deedat And Garry Miller -- Christianity And Islam 1
Ahmed Deedat Interview by Ginna Lewis - Freely Speaking (Geneva) 1
Ahmed Deedat on BBC - East meets West 1
Ahmed Deedat on BBC Religious Discussion 1
Ahmed Deedat The Golden Years, Great Muslim Lives 1
Ahmed Deedat Vs Dr. Robert Douglas - Crucifixion Fact Or Fiction 1
Ahmed Deedat Vs Erik Brock - Is Jesus God? 1
Ahmed Deedat vs Josh McDowell Debate: Was Jesus Christ Crucified? 1
Al Quran : A Miracle Of Miracles 1
Al Quran : A Miracle Of Miracles (French) 1
Arabs And Israel: Conflict Or Conciliation 1
Challenge Of Islam 1
Challenge Of The Missionaries 1
Christ In Islam 1
Christ in Islam (Sydney, Australia) 1
Christian Guests In Your Mosque 1
Christianity And Islam - A Lecture in Geneva 1
Christianity Judaism or Islam Town Hall, London 1
Concept of God in Hinduism 1
Crucifixion Or Cruci-Fiction 1
Dawah In The UK 1
Dawah In The USA 1
Dawah Or Destruction 1
Debate - Is Jesus God Pastor Eric Bock (Bangla) 1
Debate - Is Jesus God Pastor Eric Bock (English) 1
Debate - Is Jesus God? - Ahmed Deedat vs Stanley Sjoberg 1
Debate - Is The Bible The Word of God? - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat vs Pastor Stanley Sjoberg 1
Debate - Quran Or Bible Which is God's Word - Deedat vs Shorrosh 1
Debate - Was Jesus Crucified? Ahmed Deedat vs Dr. Floyd E. Clark 1
Debate With Jimmy Swaggart. Is Bible God's Word 1
Debate With Jimmy Swaggart. Is Bible God's Word (French) 1
Deedat Debates With American Soliders 1
Difficult questions About Islam - Mombasa 1
Durban Business and Professional Women At The IPCI 1
Easter - A Muslim Viewpoint 1
Encounter Mormon Missionaries 1
Encounter With Christian Missionaries 1
Fosis 23rd Annual Gathering In Christmas 1
From Hinduism To Islam 1
How Not To Do Dawah 1
Is Bible God's Word 1
Is Israel Setup For Destruction? - Paul Findley And Ahmed Deedat 1
Is Jesus (Pbuh) God? University of Missouri 1
Is Jesus God 1
Is Jesus God Ahmed Deedat Vs Anis Shorrosh - Italiano 1
Is Jesus God Ahmed Deedat Vs Anis Shorrosh (French) 1
Islam & Christianity - Pakistan 1
Islam And Christianity 1
Jehovah's Witness Visits Sheikh Deedat 1
Jesus (pbuh) Man, Myth Or God? 1
Jesus And Muhammed: A Comparitive Study 1
Jesus Beloved Prophet Of Islam 1
Jesus Christ In Christianity And Islam 1
Last Call & Best Challenge 1
Le Miracle Du Coran (French) 1
Lecture In Kenya Jamia Mosque 1
Man God Relationship In Islam 1
Mother Of All Injustices 1
Muhammad (PBUH) In The Bible - French 1
Muhammad (PBUH) The Greatest - New York 1
Muhammad (PBUH) The Greatest - Pakistan 1
Muhammed The Greatest 1
Muhammed The Natural Successcor Of Christ 1
Popes Pious Pronouncement 1
Pre-khutbah Talk At University Of Natal 1
Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) Mentioned In The Bible By Name 2
Quran Or Bible 1
Quran Or The Bible Preview Of UK Debate In South Africa 1
Sequel To Quran Or The Bible: Which Is God's Word? 1
Student Missionaries Visit The IPCI 1
Tribute and Times of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat 1
Was Jesus Christ Crucified - Debate - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat V.S. Bishop General Wakefield 1
What Is Wisdom? 1
What Makes Good Friday Good 1
What The Bible Says About Muhammad (PBUH) 1