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"What Did Jesus Say About Jesus?" (Shabir Ally vs. Rev. John 1
A Brief History of the Quranic Text 1
A Call To Islam Some Advice For Dawah - With Shabir Ally On TheDeenShow 1
Are Sahih Bukhari & Muslim 100% Authentic? 1
Can God Become a Man? - Dr. Shabir Ally Answers Nabeel Qureshi 1
Christianity & Islam: The Concept of God in Islam and Christianity 1
Christianity & Islam: What Must I Do to Be Saved? 1
Christianity David Hunt vs Islam Shabir Ally Debate Last Days End Times 1
Christianity Explained 1
Christianity vs. Islam Debate - Dave Hunt vs Shabir Ally 1
Compilation Of The Quran - A Brief History 1
Da Vinci Code 1
Debat Jay Smith vs Shabir Ally (Alkitab vs. Al Qur'an) 1
Debate - Baby Jesus: THe Story of His Birth In The Quran And The Bible - Dean Canonico And Shabir Ally 1
Debate - Bible vs. Qur'an: Which is The Word of God? - Sam Shamoun vs Shabir Ally 1
Debate - Biblical Christianity Vs Islam - Dave Hunt Vs Shabir Ally 1
Debate - David Seccombe vs Shabir Ally - Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross and Rise From the Dead? 1
Debate - David Wood vs Shabir Ally - What Does the Quran Say About The Bible? 1
Debate - Did Jesus Die For The Sins of The World? - Shabir Ally vs Clifford Forward 1
Debate - Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? Shabir Ally Vs Mike Licona 1
Debate - Does the Bible Teach The Divinity of Jesus? - Shabir Ally And Pastor George Duff 1
Debate - Dr .Shabir Ally & Rev. SamueL Green - How Are We Saved? 1
Debate - Dr. Shabir Ally & Steve Atkins - Did Jesus Prophesize The Coming of Muhammad? 1
Debate - Dr. Shabir Ally vs Rev. Steven Martins - What Does It Mean To Be Human 1
Debate - Is Jesus God or is He a Prophet of Islam? Shabir Ally vs. Jonathan McLatchie 1
Debate - Is Science The Answer? - Shabir Allay Vs Dr. Peter Atkins 1
Debate - Jesus: Resurrected or Rescued? - Mike Licona vs. Shabbir Ally 1
Debate - The Jesus of History And Faith - Shabir Ally And Lindsay King 1
Debate - The Name Of God Dialogue - Shabir Ally Vs Ceaser Mikhael 1
Debate - Was Paul a Disciple of Jesus? - Dr. Shabir Ally vs. Tony Costa 1
Debate - Who exactly is God? - Shabir Ally vs Richard Lucas P 1
Debate - Who Is Jesus - Shabir Ally Vs Kenneth Howkins 2
Debate - Who is Jesus? Chrsitian / Muslim Dialogue - Dr. Shabir Ally And Dr. Christoper Lamb 1
Debate - Who is Jesus? Imam Shabir Ali vs Rev Dr. Christopher Lamb 1
Debate : Are there Mathematical Miracles in the Qur'an? 3
Debate: "What Is the Quran's View of the Christian Scriptures?" (David Wood vs. Shabir Ally) 1
Debate: Does Muhammad give us the truth about Jesus? David Wood vs Shabir Ally 1
Debate: Does Paul Give Us The Truth About Jesus? David Wood (Christian) vs. Shabir Ally 1
Debate: Is Jesus God Shabir Ally vs James White 1
Debate: Is Jesus the Son of God? (David Wood vs. Shabir Ally) 1
Debate: Is the Bible a Book of Peace? David Wood vs. Shabir Ally 1
Debate: Is the Quran a Book of Peace? Shabir Ally (Muslim) vs. David Wood (Christian) 1
Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? (William Lane Craig vs Shabir Ally) 1
Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? David Wood vs. Shabir Ally 1
Did Paul Invent Christianity - Shabir Ally Vs W. Forward 1
Did the Earliest Followers of Jesus Believe in His Deity? 1
Dignity of Good Manners, Respecting God's Creation 1
Do We Need An Islamic State? 1
Do You Believe in Miracles? 1
Does Allah (swt) Hate Unbelievers? 1
Does God Care?: Ray Barfield, Meg Westley, and Shabir Ally explore Suffering, Dying and Death 1
Does God Excists - Shabbir Ally Vs Dr. Chris Carlo 1
Does Muhammad (pbuh) Give Us The Truth About Jesus? 1
Does the Doctrine of the Trinity Make Sense? 1
Dr John Dominic Crossan & Dr Shabir Ally I The Historicity of the Life of Jesus in the Gospels 1
Dr. Pamela Bright And Shabir Ally - Was Jesus Resurrected? 1
Dr. Shabir Ally Refutes Ayaan Hirsi Ali's New Book... 1
Dr. Shabir Ally Refutes Robert Spencer's Book " Did Muhammad Exist? " 1
Dr. Shabir Ally vs Dr. Jay Smith (Indonesia) 1
Dr. Shabir Ally vs. Tony Costa 3
Dr. Shabir Ally's Story 1
Existence Of God & Islam And World Religions 1
Halloween: Christian or Pagan Tradition? 1
How To Invite Christians to Islam? 1
How to Make Da'wah to Christians 3
How to Respond to an Atheist as a Muslim? 1
Interview : Is Islam A Religion Of Peace? 1
Is Bible Inspired Word Of God?-Shabir Ally Vs James White 1
Is Jesus a Prophet of Islam? Dr. Shabir Ally vs. David Wood 1
Is Jesus Prophesied in the Old Testament? 2
Is Sahih Bukhari 100% Authentic? 1
Is the Qur'an Makhluq (Something Created)? Dr. Shabir Ally Answers Nabeel Qureshi 1
Islam and Terrorism 1
James White vs Shabir Ally - Did Jesus Claim Deity? 1
JIMAS Conference 2004 - Sheikh Shabir Ally - Doing Dawah facing Propaganda 1
Let The Quran Speak 1
Living in an Atheistic Society 2
Lord Show Me The Way - Shabir Ally vs. L. Scudder 1
Mathematical Miracle in Quran 1
Muhammad the Trustworthy, Do You Know Him? 1
Muhammed (pbuh) in the Bible 1
Muslim & Christian Perception Of God 1
Muslims Contribution to Science 1
Questions Youth Ask 1
Quran Speaks - Concept Of Angels In Islam 1
Quran Speaks - Eid 1
Quran Speaks - Let The Quran Speak (feb 14 04 ) 1
Quran Speaks - Shiai And Sunni Islam Explained 1
Shabir Ali & Jay Smith - Truth about Jesus - Christian vs. Muslim 1
Shabir Ally & Prof Anthony - What Is The Gospel Jesus Preached 1
Shabir Ally & Professor Anthony - Who Is God And Jesus In The Bible 1
Shabir Ally & Shenk - Being A Muslim Or A Christian How We See Each Other 1
Shabir Ally & Shenk - Revelation Of God In The Scriptures 1
Shabir Ally & Shillington - Was Paul The Founder Of Christianity 1
Shabir Ally Vs William Lane Craig - Debate On God 1
Shia and Sunni Islam Explained 1
Sin And Salvation - James White vs Shabbir Ally 1
The 7 Deadly Sins in Islam & Christianity [14th August 2017] 1
The Bible and The Quran With J. Luis Dizon And Shabir Ally 1
The Classical Debates - Jay Smith vs. Dr. Shabir Ally 1
The Crucifiction Debate - Shabir Ally Vs James White 1
The Dilemma of Women in the Bible 1
The Great Debate 4
This House Believes Jesus Was A Muslim 1
Violence, the Qur'an, and the Bible 4
What Are The Seven Different Readings (qira'at) Of The Qur'an? 1
What Does the Good Society Look Like? - Andy Bannister, Shabir Ally, Justin Trottier 1
What Is God Like: Tawhid or Trinity? Dr. Shabir Ally and Jonathan McLatchie in Dialogue 1
What Is The Gospel Jesus Preached? - Debate - Shabir Ally V.S. Anthony Buzzard 1
Who is God in the World Religions? 1
Who Is The Real Jesus - Shabir ally Vs. Suanders 1
Who Is The TRUE Jesus 1
Why doesn't the Trinity Doctrine Make Logical Sense? 1
Workshop on the 'IJaz' Miracle of the Qur'an 1