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Anger Management Advice - April 2011 7
Etiquettes of the 'Aqīqah (birth of a child) from the Sunnah - April 2011 9
Common Questions regarding Wudhu (Ablution) - April 2011 8
What will be the fate of those who have not heard of Islam? - September 2011 8
Quranic conditions for marrying women of other faiths - June 2012 6
Ruling on Adoption and In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) - June 2012 7
Truth about the Evil Eye: Seeking protection against al-'Ayn - February 2011 8
What can we do for our deceased loved ones? - 17th June 2012 6
Women on her menses during Hajj & Wearing Niqaab in Hajj - 17th June 2012 7
Does Islam suppress sexuality & intimacy? - 26th May 2012 8
Why did Uthman burn the Quran? - 26th May 2012 6
Should Americans be scared of the Sharia Law? - 26th May 2012 4
Which is the better gender? Men vs Women - 26th May 2012 7
Relationship between Church & State comparison with Islamic Caliphate - 26th May 2012 6
Does Islam respect the right of someone not to believe in a God? - 26th May 2012 6
What right does one religion have to stipulate authority over another? - 26h May 2012 6
Talking whilst the Quran is recited & can one change their birth name? - 17th June 2012 7
Which Madhhab should you follow? - Hanafi, Shafi'i, Maliki, Hanbali - 4th January 2013 7
Confused on result of Istikhara & Can Du'a be done in any language? - 4th January 2013 6
How to pray witr salah? - 4th January 2013 6
How to build a house in Paradise? (Sunan ar-Ratibah) - 4th January 2013 9
Is Music Halal or Haraam? - 4th January 2013 6
What is the Sunnah of doing Adhan, wearing a Topi & using Miswaak? - 4th January 2013 6
Is wearing niqaab obligatory & what if your parents are rude to you? - 17th June 2012 5
Is it from the Sunnah to say 'Rabana wa lakal hamd' loudly? - 4th January 2013 8
Did Prophet Muhammad know how to read & write? 7
My "Shaykh" & "Scholar" Tony Blair (Yale University) 5
Separating from the Scholars of Islam? 6
Who was the very first racist? 7
Can terrorism be justified with the Fatwa of Ibn Uthaymeen? 6
Should Muslims in the West go to Syria and join the Jihad? 6
Do Muslims Believe in Aliens? 6
What is true moderation in Islam? 5
Is Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries Haram in Islam? 7
Muslim Gender Interaction in the West 6
Are all Muslim Rulers in the 21st Century Kufar? 7
My husband is a "Mujahid" but treats me bad! 5
Have you left the way of the Salaf? 6
LGBT issues in Modern Islam (Questions in Singapore) 5
Should scholars frequent the palaces of rulers? (Questions in Singapore) 6
Muslims Studying Islamic Sciences in Western Universities (Questions in Singapore) 7
Does every single doubt & question about Islam have a rational answer? 6
A response to the public call of assassination by ISIS 7
Did Umar b. al-Khattab bury his own daughter alive before Islam? 6
Did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) fabricate Islam to get women? 6
Battling Modernity and Tradition: A Frank Q&A At SOAS 4
Why Do We Muslims Believe Islam Is The Final Religion 7
Can I Say Merry Christmas 7
Will Allah Punish An Ignorant Person Who Commits A Mistake 6
What If I Don't Understand A Verse From The Qur'an 7
How To Deal With Someone With A Strange Interpretation Of Islam 6
Muslims Invented Colleges and Universities 7
Can I Excuse My Husband From Paying Mahr 6
Do I Still Have To Accept My Wali If He Is Not Practicing 7
The Road Map of Death: Planning Your Legacy of Life 6
Is Marrying A Jew Or Christian For All Times And Places 5
What Is The Best Way To Resolve A Marital Conflict? 6
Crisis of Knowledge 5
Can A Non Muslim Enter Jannah? 6
Can Your Wife Reject Sexual Intercourse In Islam? 8